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Ugggghhhh. I feel like terrible. I have a fever. I skipped class. Which thank god I had class and could just skip, and not work. I work tomorrow, and I can pretty certainly say I won’t be fit to work. But does that matter? Nay. I will be expected to be there, or have it covered. Yeah. Right.

This is why I hate retail. I’m not skipping work. I’m not hung over. I’m not going to a party. I have a 102 fever and am having crazy, lucid dreams and waking up in pools of my own sweat. I don’t want to worry about getting in trouble at work right now. I want to work on getting better. Sigh. There’s jobs out there where this isn’t the norm, right?

umidkmaybee asked:

ENFJ careers? Thanks!!


ENFJs & careers is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart - and is something I’ve struggled with a lot. I wish the internet had been able to give me a clear pathway to happiness, but apparently that’s not a thing. ENFJs really need job satisfaction to feel happy and fulfilled, so it’s something that (as a 20-something) is still in development for me. I’ve seen other ENFJs struggle with “WHAT DIRECTION?!” too. Here are some things that I’ve learned so far, in my 15+ years earning a paycheck.

1. Choose something creative. This doesn’t mean “BE AN ACTOR” but, like, choose something where part of your day is allotted to work where you get to exercise your creativity.

2. Find a boss that you don’t just respect, but also really like. This will go a LONG WAY to job satisfaction. Sometimes the coworkers you dislike the most in the beginning will turn out to be your favourites, but where your boss is concerned, trust your gut. Get out if you feel like you’re not inspired/not being challenged/being overworked.

3. Set boundaries. ENFJs will go above and beyond, and have trouble saying no - this isn’t healthy. Set up a clear division between work and home, even if you work from home. A lot of NFs work in the arts & non-profits… this can be brutal, but you have to find the tipping point at which your no longer compensated for the work you’re putting in. Move-on, or find a way to get the work done that doesn’t involve burning yourself out.

4. Work with the people. Kids, seniors, everyone. It’ll be good for you.

5. Don’t get a 40/week desk job. It might be good for you short-term, but in the long-term, it will feel like the world is passing you by.

6. DREAM BIG. You might have stretches of slow grind-  those will teach you a lot, too. But never stop dreaming big.

7. Be kind to people. You’ll regret it if you’re not.

8. DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE. Right now I have my full-time job #1, my part-time job #2, and my hobby which has recently turned into part-time job #3 (but atm love #1). Do lots of things that you like, and one day you might get paid to do the thing you like best ALL THE TIME.

9. Use your ENFJ sense of humour to get through the bad days. No job is perfect. And people can be HORRIBLE.

10. Did you know that ENFJ and ENTJs have “super highways" in our brains? Our brains light up like a Christmas tree when we’re making connections and pulling info from lots of different places to create something new. Project Management A+.

I hope that helps! Do other ENFJs have feedback?





I honestly am not thrilled that Naoko Takeuchi is working on Sailor Moon Crystal. I dislike a lot of the radically feminist tones of Crystal (I.e., the very blatantly feminist theme song, Tuxedo Mask being written out whenever possible), which I can only assume were her doing.

submitted by anon

I am legit crying with laughter.

Like, who has EVER looked at Sailor Moon and thought “nope, nothing feminist about this here story all about women who are strong and capable and kick ass in heels and nail polish.”?

And of course, Tuxedo Mask being written out of everything totally explains why he’s in every episode and gives Sailor Moon advice and strength, yup yup.

"I’m not thrilled that the creator of Sailor Moon is working on Sailor Moon"





Cosmetics companies = billions and billions of dollars of profits for men from the pockets of women.


I’m all about women wearing make-up if they want to! But it is really important to know this stuff, and to realize that these men profit off of women and girls feeling as if they are unattractive, undesirable, and incomplete without makeup. Don’t let patriarchal beauty standards and a male-dominated capitalist society convince you you NEED any product to be beautiful, desirable, and whole. 

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